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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  December 3, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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may be involved and may be overturned blocking lanes. we'll have more details coming up. as lawrence said, the rain has passed for now but some of the effects continue for days of downpours. one of the biggest is a large sinkhole on mountain view drive in lafayette. it's a road hazard and health and safety issue. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is live at the scene with more. >> reporter: behind me you can see a big pile of debris and crews cleaning it up securing the area so nobody can get close to th sinkhole. it opened up yesterday afternoon on mountain view drive. it's 20 feet. the weather is to blame. rains overflowed a creek which eroded the road creating a hazard blocking two lanes. this street is full of homes and sits behind a trader joe's off mount diablo boulevard. utility crews have been securing underground lines and last night a few residents were without water and at least one
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without gas. the road is closed and will have to be rebuilt. there are detours in place. in lafayette, elissa harrington cbs 5. it's 4:31 now. this morning, road crews will be assessing damage from yet another sinkhole that opened up yesterday in the santa cruz mountains on vine hill road near the summit of highway 17. the dirt underneath vinehill gave way just before noon yesterday. and now one entire lane is gone and the rest of the road is in jeopardy because there's nothing under supporting the pavement now. one resident says he lost several trees in the collapse as debris rolled down the hill. you can see that the whole road has been undermined and there's a lot of water flowing through and we have lost, you know, half the road. >> long-time residents say they have never seen anything like this at all. it's not clear how long that road will stay closed. flood warnings for the napa
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river were canceled yesterday afternoon to the relief of residents nearby. they prepared for the worse putting sandbags around their properties. rain brought the water level within three feet of going over the banks. and this was the russian river in guerneville over the weekend. flood warnings were also canceled. the river crested at 16 feet about an hour ago. the highest recorded flooding guerneville occurred in 1986 when the river reached 49 feet. >> and it was not just water. strong wind also caused a lot of problems all over the bay area. a broken power pole. this is in san francisco's sunset district. it left 8500 people without power. it was just one of the multiple incidents where trees or power post brought down lines. the latest outages show 4200 homes without power, nearly 1400 up in the north bay 900 in the east bay and around 1200 in santa clara county. foul weather toppled a big
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rig on the san rafael bridge. the chp says the driver ignored the high wind warnings yesterday morning and as you can see paid the price. officers say he drove at excessive speeds before crashing, as well. traffic was tied up for more than five hours. the truck driver wasn't hurt and no other cars were involved. lawrence, you said the storm was coming, all this damage. we are ready for it to go away. >> that's a lot especially early in the season. we're fortunate it didn't come in january. we would have seen major flooding on the rivers. but it looks like we are going to escape without major flooding along those major rivers. one of concern today that will crest this morning is the russian river at guerneville now expected to crest at 29 feet. so that will keep it a few feet below flood stage. still cresting very high at
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about 29 feet a little later on this morning. a lot of clouds rolling over top of the ridge that's giving us a break in the storm ee weather. so we'll see plenty of clouds in our skies and some sunshine but we should stay dry throughout the day. we have more storms on the way temperatures in the 60s. we have that next storm coming up. we'll tell you how strong that will be coming up. >> thank you. good morning. we are going to jump over to show you here a camera of 580/680 right now through dublin. you can see traffic flowing okay westbound but we have reports of an accident not too far from this area. we'll go to our maps into your the altamont pass. there were reports of a high- speed chase that ended in an accident involving an overturned chp vehicle. now, it's reported between greenville and flynn. it's now over to the right shoulder so not blocking lanes but we have reports of two chp officers injured in the accident. of course, we'll continue to bring details but all lanes are
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open. in that same area we have ongoing construction which is causing these delays you see here on our maps. eastbound 580 greenville to north flynn same area where the accident is there is construction through there so expect delays as you work your way through that area. we'll look at the south bay in a few minutes. back to you guys. developing news out of livermore, a high-speed chase caused a chp vehicle to flip over this morning. i think gianna touched on the area. it happened just before 4:00 on eastbound 580 between greenville and north flynn. we have not been told why the chp was pursuing the vehicle. after the car flipped, the driver sped away until other officers stopped them in tracy. both police officers in the vehicle have been transported to a local hospital. they suffered minor injuries. there are no road closures. also new this morning, a car crashed into a now campbell overnight on the -- into a house in campbell overnight on the 700 block of central avenue
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after a police chase south of 17 and 280. it's not clear right you know why the police were chasing the car or whether there are any injuries. we are of course going to bring you more information as we get it. the california highway patrol was involved in a slow- speed chase early this morning all the way from san jose to oakland. officers began pursuing that car because it had no headlights. they used a spike strip. the driver was arrested to be charged with recklessly evading police officers. a coast guard investigation into a suspected smuggling off the smash county coastline has turned tragic. a small boat deployed by the coast guard was rammed by a smuggler's vessel before dawn yesterday. the collision threw two coast guard members into the water. one of them was killed. another was injured in the incident. l.a. police say four people have been found shot to death, their bodies face down outside a large home in suburban
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northridge. the dead were two women in their 20s, a man in his 30s and man in his 40s. it happened early yesterday morning. the home apparently was an unlicensed boardinghouse. detectives are now looking into a motive. one of the safest big cities in america has hit a homicide milestone. san jose on friday reached its 43rd killing of the year when a 17-year-old boy was gunned down in a residential area. the city matches a two decade high and topped last year's total of 41 murders. this morning a teenaged boy from vallejo will be arraigned on charges of attempted murder, kid manage and sexual assault. 14-year-old caviar king abducted a 65-year-old woman at gunpoint from a shopping center parking lot last month, according to police, they say it was random. the battle over thomas kinkade's state continues today in a san jose courtroom. the case pits the artest's live-
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in girlfriend amy pinto against his wife, nanette. each claims the right to kinkade's paintings and other possessions. he died last april. contra costa county supervisors will consider plans this week to close four more fire stations. the chief says it's necessary after the failure of a parcel tax hike to fund the district. the county is looking at closing stations in walnut creek, clayton, martinez and lafayette to save $3 million. the u.s. supreme court could announce as soon as this morning whether it will hear appeals on some cases involving same-sex marriage. one is an appeal from supporters of prop 8 california's voter-approved measure that limits marriage to men and women couples. it was previously struck down by a u.s. appeals court. five challenges to the federal "defense of marriage act" are also being considered. the local boy scout forced to leave his moraga troop because he is gay will be
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honored in sacramento later this afternoon. an 18-year-old ryan andresen will be recognized for his bravery by state assembly speaker john perez as the new legislative session opens today. 4:39. what went wrong. new details following a murder- suicide involving a kansas city chief's football player. >> plus a trip to seaworld for one family. the moment a dolphin bites a child on camera. >> how a husband and wife escaped serious injury after this very freak accident coming your way when we come back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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couple inside escape with oy minor injuries. it happened just south yesterday. the tw a tree crushed the roof of a car in oregon but somehow the couple inside escaped with only mean for injuries south of portland yesterday. they pulled up to their home when a tree snapped off the base and came down. rescuers expected the worst but the couple were able to crawl
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out of a small opening in the passenger side window and are expected to be fine. the car needs work. >> amazing. >> they escaped. >> it is sad to see all the damage done by -- i mean, these fierce line of storms this early in the season but we'll catch a break as it looks like high pressure will sneak in for a day. out the door though, chilly to start out with. if you are heading out we have temperatures in the 40s and couple of low 50s into san francisco. a lot of clouds still moving in overhead as we are going to see what looks like a mostly clear start. fog and high clouds over head and sunny and dry toward the afternoon then rain late in the day tomorrow and then tomorrow night. of course, we have been watching all the rivers and well, one more to crest here. this is the russian river near guerneville. looks like the forecast still has it staying below flood stage at 29 feet. flood stage is 32, so getting close, close enough especially
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for this time of the year. but looks like a much-needed break coming our way as high pressure is going to sneak in here a little bit. you can see storm as much as off the coastline again. that next visit is late in the day but today the ridge comes back into the bay area so drying things out and then a return to rain tomorrow evening. temperatures around the bay area today, expect 60s by the afternoon. and nice break in the weather there. temperatures in the mid-60s in much of the east bay and north bay we'll see temperatures a little bit mild. 64 degrees in petaluma. 63 in santa rosa. 64 degrees in san francisco. the next couple of days, break today chance of showers late in the day on tuesday or likely tuesday night into wednesday. then dry weather returns come thursday and friday. and we'll keep you partly cloudy into the weekend. that's a look at weather. let's talk to gianna about traffic. >> thank you very much. we are looking forward to this nice break in the weather so traffic should be a little better than usual today. here's a look at conditions at the bay bridge where things are okay now not too bad. metering lights are off clear heading into san francisco no
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troubles on the lower deck of the bay bridge. elsewhere we have some roadwork to report this morning as you work your way through the altamont pass. eastbound 580 between north flynn and greenville. now, we have roadwork in this area as well as the remnants of an earlier accident involving a chp patrol car. that accident is over to the right shoulder. it is not blocking any lanes but we are seeing some delays as you work your way through that area so give yourself some extra time until they get all these lanes open up from the roadwork and again clear the rest of that accident. we'll have more details coming up in in a bit. westbound 80 near cutty broken down vehicle in the lane westbound near cutting. it's blocking one lane so slight delays approaching the scene there but past that, traffic moves well. both directions of 880 no problems now. northbound clear, 238 to the maze an easy ride about 15 minutes there. southbound traffic more volume but overall a light ride so far. and looking good as you work
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your way westbound 237 no delays between 880 and 101 making those connector roads with no problem and a live look at conditions on the golden gate bridge. so far, so good no reports of any construction projects right now in effect along one through marin county. traffic is light as you head into san francisco. don't forget to check with inn with our radio parents. newly elected members of the state legislature will take the oath of office today. the assembly will go first with a swearing-in ceremony at noon followed by the state senate at 3:30. both houses were reshaped by the election. democrats have two-thirds majority and can raise tax without any support. later this morning at 6:45, melissa griffith is going to join us with more on how democrats may use their supermajority power. in washington, house speaker john boehner says republicans and democrats are at a stalemate again in
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negotiations to avoid the "fiscal cliff." susan mcginnis reports, key players took to the sunday talk shows to make their stances known. reporter: the white house is already decorated for the holidays but the mood here in washington is anything but festive. >> i think we're going over the cliff. >> reporter: if congress doesn't act, america will ring in the new year with $110 billion in spending cuts and a $500 billion tax increase leaving the average household with a nearly $3,500 hangover. treasury secretary timothy geithner was here on capitol hill last week to present the president's plan to congress. >> i was flabbergasted. you can't be serious! >> reporter: president obama wants $1.6 trillion on the rich, $400 billion in cuts to entitlement programs and billions in more spending.
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>> reporter: mitch mcconnell laughed at geithner during their meeting last week. now geithner says if republicans don't like the plan, it's up to them to present their own ideas. >> what we can't do is try to figure out what works for them. they have to tell us what works tore them. >> reporter: but secretary geithner made it clear there will be no deal that does not include a tax hike on the wealthiest americans. >> there's not going to be an agreement without rates going up. >> reporter: no formal negotiating sessions are on the schedule here and many believe it will take about a week for the real work toward a solution to get under way. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> nancy pelosi will try to get a vote but won't give get republican support. in "your world this morning," fighting is intensifying in syria between government troops and rebel forces. the rebels are close to capturing the airport that
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serves the capital of damascus. the syrian air force has responded by dropping bombs on rebel positions. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has repeated her warning to the syrian government not to use chemical weapons. political crisis is worsening in egypt, as well. the country's supreme court judges have walked out on strike joining a growing protest against president mohamed morsi in response to morsi's edict that his actions are above judicial rule. in japan investigators say missing bolts may have caused concrete ceiling slabs to fall on cars in a highway tunnel killing nine people. yesterday's accident happened deep inside the three-mile-long tunnel about 50 miles west of tokyo. the government says 49 highway tunnels throughout japan will be inspected immediately. some more details surrounding that troubled relationship of kansas city
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chiefs player javon belcher and his girlfriend kasandra perkins. they had lived apart earlier this year but just got back together. belcher shot and killed perkins saturday before killing himself in front of his head coach and general manager. high winds are a major concern as crews tried to contain a wildfire in the rocky mountain national park. so far the fire has scorched more than 3500 acres in colorado. it's been burning for almost two months now. but strong winds doubled its size over the past few days. it's 20% contained. it was started by an illegal campfire. caught on tape, a girl being bitten while feeding a dolphin 12 days ago at seaworld in orlando. and the girl's father caught the incident on camera. take a look! oh!! that looks like it hurt. the bottlenose bit the girl after she moved the paper plate that held the fish she was feeding him with. >> i think it was going to haul me into the water.
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it was crazy but i thought it was going to eat my hand off. [ laughter ] >> poor thing. her hand is mostly hailed from the puncture wounds. her parents complain that seaworld did not explain why it's important to keep the plate on the wall. do not take it off. health service employees responded quickly. >> like a dog:they see food, they go. >> we want to know this morning, how do you think is to blame for the girl getting bitten ? comment on facebook or twitter, or email us at >> 4:51. ford motor company is recalling thousands of cars because of a fire hazard. ford says there have been reports of overheating and fires in its ecoboost engine in some of the models 2013. so it's recalling nearly 90,000 ford escapes and fusions. the automaker is working on a way to pictures problem and it's asking owners to call a dealer to arrange for a free loner vehicle and they will fix
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it for free. contract talks between clerical workers at the ports of los angeles and long beach and shippers have resumed. today the strike enters its 7th day. clerical workers who have been without a contract for two years walked out last week bringing the ports of los angeles and long beach to a standstill. right now ships are being diverted to the port of oakland. the southern california ports are the busiest in the state taking in about $1 billion worth of goods a day. time now is 4571. first video of the year now another honor for gangnam style. can't see that enough. >> plus politics and the performing arts at kennedy center honors. who was recognized last night. we'll tell you. >> hugh hefner will soon be off the market. when he plans to get married. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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still quite a few clouds outside but no rain. we'll stay dry but there's a storm off the coast. when will that hit? we'll talk about that coming up. >> so far, so good on your bay area bridges this morning. no metering lights at the bay bridge and an easy ride on the golden gate bridge and san mateo bridge. traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. ♪ [ music ] >> gangnam style! ♪ [ music ] [ laughter ] >> you should see my co-anchor. >> his legend keeps growing. south korean rap star psy won big at the k-pop awards. his hit gangnam style won song of the year moment surprise. >> it's a song? >> i guess. >> last week his video became
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youtube's most watched for 2012. david letterman's stupid human lists and top 10 join the list of american culture achievement. received this year's kennedy center honors along with dustin hoffman, led zeppelin, and buddy guy and ballerina natalia makarova. the kennedy center honors will air on cbs the day after christmas. always love that. >> i do, too, it's fun. the finale of the "twilight" saga held the top spot at the box office for a third weekend in a row. >> they like vampires. what can you say. breaking down edged out skyfall, lincoln, rise of the guardians and "life of pi." sigh? pi. the ultimate playboy is ready to say i do again. >> reports hugh hefner is engaged to crystal harris. the couple will get married at the playboy mansion on new year's eve and this isn't the
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first time they have planned to walk down the "aisle." she called off the wedding about a week before the big day but apparently they may go through with it this time. >> cold feet? >> he is li 85? it's 4:56. the fiscal clock is ticking. is there a solution in sight? >> a coast guard member killed while on the job. what went wrong during an operation. the two suspected smugglers now under arrest this morning. >> and a 20-foot sinkhole swallowed part of the road in this lafayette neighborhood. i'll tell you how this happened.
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald mother nature packed a punch. the storm passed but the problems persist. what it's going to take to fix this massive sinkhole.
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>> and a high-speed chase ends in a crash. how a chp car ended upside- down. >> finally catching a break in the stormy weather. rain is on the way. i'll tell you when coming up. >> and we have slowdowns. i'll tell you where in a few minutes. good morning. it's monday, december 3. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. the rain is gone but it's still having a big impact and being pellet around the bay area. >> no kidding. there is a large sinkhole on mountain view drive in lafayette. it's a road hazard, health and the safety issue. elissa harrington is at the scene. >> reporter: the sinkhole opened up yesterday afternoon and you can see it right behind me. in this neighborhood, it's full of homes. some are just a few feet away from where this happened. nobody was hurt and residents didn't have to be evacuated but this 20-foot sinkhole is


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